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Why follow-up consultations?

I have been struggling a long time with reflux, gut problems and anxiety. Since seeing Billie (BL Natural Health) I have had some wonderful results with much improvement regarding these issues.

I like the fact that Billie doesn’t just see you once and then sends you off on your merry way never to be seen again, but follows up with other consultations to see how things are progressing which I find is very professional so therefore I totally recommend Billie if you have any issues like mine. Anna Jones

Thank you for the beautiful feedback Anna and for reminding me why follow-up consultations are so important. I asked a couple of clients what they think about these consultations. See below what they say.

Can you see good results after on appointment with me? Absolutely! But, while you may be feeling a lot better symptomatically, one consultation is usually not enough time to treat the underlying causes of your health concerns.

You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day…depending on the health condition, it takes time to reverse any damage, identify the root causes, address triggers and change the things that are sustaining the health condition. If this is not done properly, then a setback at your next stressful event will most likely trigger symptoms.

During the follow-up consultations we have the opportunity to not only monitor the progress but also make the necessary tweaks to your personalised treatment plan and implement new empowering healthy habits, so that your body can truly heal and restore.

What some clients think about follow-up consultations:

They allow me to concentrate on one step at a time; I would feel overwhelmed otherwise.

Good point! Changes take time and the last thing I want is for my clients to be more stressed.

You hold me accountable

😆 I try to be gentle with my clients, but I do like to keep them on track. I want them to be successful!

Because you give a s*$!

Many of my clients are frustrated because they have seen different practitioners and did not get anywhere. And yes, I do care about their health. Therapeutic relationships contribute to healing!

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