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Meet Billie

Naturopath Billie Lerch - special interest gut health
HEALTH is greater than wealth

Depression & Anxiety

Digestive health



Reproductive health 

Weight management

Food allergies & intolerance

and other health concerns

Gut health is crucial for most health issues and necessary for general wellbeing. Find out more

Check out my comprehensive program The GutLover's Way.

Hi there!

My name is Billie – I am the founder of BL Natural Health, a naturopath passionate about health - especially gut, mental & hormonal health.


I am also a mother, a woman in her mid-life, someone who has moved countries, experienced different challenges and knows that life can throw some difficult times at you where you need some support to stay healthy and energetic. That’s where I come in. Natural medicine cannot only help you with physical challenges, but also with lifestyle issues, such as stress, moods and sleep problems. Don’t suffer alone – there is a lot that you can do and I would love to show you some solutions.


As a naturopath I don't just treat the symptoms, but look for the cause and address it.

I like to connect to my clients, listen to them and understand what is going on in their lives and bodies, which is important for me, as every body is different. This allows me to design a treatment plan that will work for you!

What can I help you with?


I am happy to consult with anyone, but I have a particular interest in:


Gut health

Gut health always needs to be considered in any condition. Your gut is the epicentre of your physical and mental health and is also called your second brain. It can sense and control events not only in the digestive tract but also in other parts of the body, is involved in the production of neurochemicals (such as serotonin and dopamine), and houses 70% of your immune system. An unhealthy gut has been linked to many diseases from mood, memory, depression, joint pain to autoimmune disease and cancer.


Mental health

Mental health problems such as depression can have many causes such as an unhealthy gut, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal problems and food intolerances. Talk to me about genetic testing to find out if a genetic trait is responsible for your mood disorder.



Stress is the cause for many illnesses and diseases. During high-stress times, it is very important to support your body in every way you can by providing the appropriate nutrients and taking some herbs that help your body adapt to stressful situations.


Hormonal Health

Hormonal imbalances can play a lot of havoc in our body: PMS, endometriosis, menopause, hypothyroidism, sleep deprivation and much more. Often the right diet and herbal intervention can help you correct your hormone levels.

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