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The GutLover's Way

Heal your gut

Comprehensive program to restore your gut health.

Feel empowered and confident in knowing what

to do & how to live for optimal gut health.

No more pain, bloating

and frustration.

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Have you tried all kinds of diets & supplements and you still look like you are three months pregnant even though you are not?

Do you have to wear loose clothes because anything else makes you feel uncomfortable?

Do you get bloated just by drinking water or thinking about food?

Do you know that your (gut) health is not ideal and you worry that you’ll end up with a chronic disease?


Do you suffer from a disease and believe that it is connected to your gut health?


Do you want to do something for your health and are looking for an easy but effective way to do so?


Prior to working with Billie, I had seen numerous practitioners and felt a sense of desperation. However, within just two weeks of starting her program, I began to notice significant changes. The improvements continued to get better and better. Thanks to Billie, I now fully embrace being a gut lover.”


I wish I could have done this program earlier and avoided years of suffering from belly cramps, bloating, gas & constipation! This course gave me a better understanding of what is going on and what to do about it. I feel like a new person!

Hi! I am Billie – the owner of BL Natural Health and a naturopath passionate about helping people with their (gut) health.

As someone who has personally suffered from gut health issues for years, I understand the frustration of not finding a solution. Before obtaining my Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy and specialising in gut health, I spent many years looking for solutions and talking to different specialists with no success. On a weekly basis, I see clients who are as frustrated as I used to be for not getting the help they need!

If you're in the same boat, don't give up hope. This comprehensive gut health program is here to help. Together, we will identify your root causes of your issues and address them so that your gut can heal. I will also provide you with techniques and daily habits to maintain gut health long-term.

This program offers vital information to manage gut health, provide relief, and give you confidence in taking the right steps for your body! Don't let gut issues hold you back any longer.


 Did you know that many chronic diseases are caused by or linked to an unhealthy gut?

Obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and hormonal issues are only a few of them.

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Why it works

The 5 face-to-face consultations with Billie are designed to find the underlying causes of your health issue, create a personalised treatment plan, monitor your progress and make any necessary changes. This allows us to stay on top of your healing process.

High quality practitioner-only supplements that target your health issues and help your body to address the root causes. (not included in price as it differs for everybody)

The 6 easy online modules of the ‘Basic Habits for (Gut) Health’ course will teach you how to implement daily habits to not only support healing, but also sustain a healthy gut.

The handouts and information provided during your consultations & with your modules will guide you what foods to eat and what things to avoid for a healthy gut.

If needed, we will organise tests which further help us to identify triggers and causes. (extra cost)

Expect changes in:

Your body – from being uncomfortable to feeling great and energised.

Your mind – from confusion and food avoidance to a place of clarity and freedom.

Your spirit – from feeling hopeless to feeling empowered.

Your emotions - from feeling unhappy to feeling happy and confident.

Your looks - from looking bloated to being able to wear your favourite clothes again.

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