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  • Billie Lerch

Grounding - let the Earth heal you

When I first met my husband he used to walk barefoot all the time. I thought that he was a bit crazy exposing his feet to splinters, hard rocks, spiders, ants or snakes!

Nearly 30 years later I am still not game to go through the bush barefoot, but I do some grounding (also called earthing) every day.

We all are bioelectrical beings, living on an electrical planet. Unfortunately we mostly wear shoes when walking and do not really take our time to sit on the grass. There are so many health benefits to connect our skin with the Earth's natural electric charge!

  • stabilises your body at a deep level

  • reduces inflammation and pain

  • decreases stress levels

  • improves blood flow & energy

  • helps us sleep better

  • generates greater well-being

The easiest way to do grounding is simply to walk barefoot on the grass or lie on the beach, making sure that the skin touches the ground.

If you are unable to do this, you could invest in grounding products such as mats, body bands or even chairs.

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