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  • Billie Lerch

5 tips on how to enjoy Christmas with no regrets

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

1. Prepare

A couple of weeks before the crazy season starts, make sure to eat extra well and exercise so that your body is strong and able to deal with the Christmas indulgence.

2. Drink plenty of water.

This will help flush out the toxins and keep you hydrated. It might also help you with overeating.

3. Give your body time to repair

Do not eat anything during 14 hours (e.g. early dinner or late breakfast) - this allows your body plenty of time to repair properly and also helps with managing weight, keeping the blood sugar down, improving your gut bacteria balance and much more!

! not for pregnant women or those with diabetes, food disorders, chronic heart or kidney issues

4. Eat plenty of fibre daily

Fibre will help you with managing your weight, cholesterol & bowel movement, feeds your important gut bugs and curbs your appetite for sweets. The best fibre sources are vegetables, fruit, legumes, wholegrain and nuts. An easy way to ensure fibre intake is to sprinkle some psyllium husk on your breakfast and eat nuts & seeds as a snack.

5. Move as much as you can

Go for a swim or a nice walk on the beach or in the bush, play a game with the kids, chose to stand at parties instead of sitting….This will help you to not only to manage your weight so that you can enjoy all the yummy Christmas food but also help you with your general wellbeing.

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