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This professionally designed program is a simple, short-term way to gently cleanse your body of toxic build up, and set you on the path to a cleaner diet and lifestyle.


Upon completing this program you can experience improved digestive function, better energy, healthier skin & hair and much more. 


Detoxification is a natural process where the environmental and dietary toxins we are exposed to are changed into less harmful substances, and subsequently excreted from the body. Sometimes however our body needs some extra support and this is where a safe detox program can help.


Included are:

  • High quality supplement (powder) with herbs and nutrition to support your body's detoxing ability (for 30 days)


  • Detox Foot Patches (for 5 days) -  stimulating acupressure points located on the soles of feet which helps promote blood circulation and metabolism, improving body organ function, immune system and general wellbeing


  • Cleansing guide with dietary and lifestyle recommendations - Digital (hard copy for extra fee)


! Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding

Detox Program - 4 weeks

  • Calculate your total toxin load with this questionnaire.

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