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Have you downloaded my free guide that lists foods beneficial for gut health?

Check this page regularly to get more ideas how you can keep your gut healthy - also join me on Facebook or Instagram so you don't miss out on ideas.

Spending time with my dog Izzy is fun and makes me happy!

My special friends in my gut also love it, as I am exposed to the good bacteria from Izzy.

Research shows that being around your pets improves your mental & physical wellbeing as well as your gut microbiome diversity.

This morning I went for a walk and discovered some kangaroo steps. Intrigued by the beauty of these imprints, I followed them and felt grateful for living in such an amazing part of the planet.

How does this help my gut health?


Practising gratitude reduces stress levels, and by extension, helps your gut.

What have you been grateful for today?

How are you eating your food? Simple things such as chewing your food properly can improve your gut health. Did you know that chewing:

=> Breaks down food to smaller particles.
=> Coates food in saliva.
=> Stimulates the stomach to release gastric acid.
=> Helps some food to pass into the small intestine 

Plus it helps with weight management, stress and with your memory and learning! 

Do you need any more reasons to eat mindfully? 

PS: Some people get bloated because they swallow air when eating too quickly. Chewing your food mindfully will avoid that. 

Exercise alone can help to change the composition of gut bacteria, without any dietary changes (even though I do encourage to eat for your gut health. Don't know how? Download my free guide at the top of this page).

A study with women doing endurance training found these women had a decrease in proteobacteria — a gut bacteria that have the potential of causing inflammation — and an increase in beneficial bacteria called Akkermansia, linked to better metabolism.

So, let's do it!

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