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Eat and Live for Wellness

Have you tried different diets and you are still struggling to manage your weight?

Do you feel tired or stressed with looking after yourself & your family?

Are you confused about how to eat and live healthy?

Do you struggle to stick to your health plan?

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"Imagine having a fridge with all the right food choices and knowing what to eat every day".

"Imagine having a plan in how to change unhealthy habits into those that make you feel & look good".

"Imagine waking up every day full of energy and motivation".

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H! I am Billie – the owner of BL Natural Health and a naturopath passionate about helping people with their health, diet & lifestyle.

We get overwhelmed with so much information and many are confused about what to eat and what to do for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore sticking to a plan for everyday's healthy life choices can be challenging.

This course will guide you step by step so that you feel confident in what to do to feel your healthiest and most energetic self. 


Feeling fit, healthy, full of energy and having your dream weight can be easy with the right directions.

No more guessing, no more frustration => instead feel confident, energised and good about yourself.

Eat and Live for Wellness

12-week online program 

What you get:

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12 lessons about

- Goal setting

- Nutrition and meals

- Weight management

- Stress and self-care


To complement the video modules you wil find downloadable pdf's of easily digestible information with super-easy checklists.

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Access to the private Facebook group for support, encouragement and ideas.

Launch Date: 8th March 2021
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