Are you looking for someone to help you get back on track

with your health?


My consultations & programs are designed to help you

achieve your optimal health, feel energetic, free of pain,

good about  yourself  and confident that you are doing 

the right things for your body & soul.

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Health Professional   -   Naturopath    Nutritionist    Western Herbalist
Meet Billie


You are meant to be healthy & feel good!

Being healthy is not supposed to be difficult; it is about making

choices that support your wellbeing.

I can help you to know what the right choices are to achieve your

optimal health.


I don't just treat the symptoms, but look for the cause and address it.

I like to connect to my clients, listen to them and understand what is going on

in their lives and bodies, which is important for me, as every body is different.

This allows me to design a treatment plan that will work for you!

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