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Health is greater than Wealth


Everybody has got the potential to be healthy & happy


We support you to achieve your wellbeing goals


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         Health Coach   -   Naturopath    Nutritionist    Western Herbalist 

Meet Billie

Being healthy is not supposed to be difficult; it is about making choices that support your wellbeing.

I can help you to know what the right choices are to achieve your optimal health.

Gut Health is my passion and linked to many diseases which is why I specialise in this area. My personal experience with gut health also helps me to understand what my clients are going through.


I don't just treat the symptoms, but look for the cause and address it.

I like to connect to my clients, listen to them and understand what is going on

in their lives and bodies, which is important for me, as every body is different.

This allows me to design a treatment plan that will work for you!

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Alana, Maleny

“ My 6 year old daughter was suffering from belly aches most mornings and sometimes after eating. I tried various probiotics and diet changes with no relief. I sought naturopathic support from Billie. She prescribed 2 low-cost supplements and within a week, no more complaints of a sore belly! A huge relief for this Mumma.


My daughter had been getting coughs and colds monthly throughout the year. Billie's concerned listening ear and questioning helped us get to the core of the issue. We’ve been taking a daily supplement and my daughter hasn't had a cold for 2 months and counting. Thank you Billie 🙏 “

Taylor, Caboolture

“ I first reached out to Billie at the beginning of this year when I was struggling with anxiety, in particular health anxiety. 


Billie has been amazing at not only helping me deal with my symptoms but also working on finding the cause of the anxiety. She has gone into depth looking through various test results (eg: blood tests) to find even the slightest abnormalities and possible causes of my anxiety/symptoms. 

I am still continuing my journey with anxiety although everything Billie has suggested and having her there to go to has made it so much easier. 

Billie is very knowledgeable and I look forward to learning so much more from her. “ 

Angie, Sunshine Coast

“ I love working on my health with Billie. I have been a client of Billie’s for a number of years now. She was able to help me with symptoms where the medical profession was unable to diagnosis and offer treatment options despite numerous tests. I was experiencing hard to describe head and body sensations which disturbed my sleep and went on for many hours during the night. Finally, it was linked to a gut issues.  


With Billie’s plan the symptoms totally disappeared. I have continued to use Billie’s expertise when I have niggling health concerns. She has my total trust and belief in her advice and treatment. “   

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